About Keep on Climbing

The years since my “retirement” have been an incredible journey that I like to share with anyone who will listen. I have changed my lifestyle completely from one of a relatively sedentary existence behind a desk to being able to climb a mountain at age 60 with my son, Chris. You can read about the climb in the blog on the Home page and see some photos in the Gallery.  The blog will be updated periodically to provide the latest news on our activities.

I have called the site “Keep on Climbing” because as we were approaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, Chris, who was suffering from two tears in the meniscus of his knee and feeling the effects of altitude sickness, thought of his daughter’s favourite movie, “Finding Nemo.” A character in the movie repeats over and over, “Just keep swimming.” That helped get him to the peak and if we all keep on climbing, we can reach the peak of whatever mountain is in front of us.

Climbing the mountain wasn’t the end of it. My family and I have partnered with Plan Canada to build a classroom for primary school children in a community in Tanzania, to drill a well for some preschoolers and to help some young women start small businesses. My wife and I went back in 2011 to see the finished projects. We were treated like Royalty. We also met some young women and youth who are starting small sustainable businesses. Our latest projects are to assist Wounded Warriors Canada and a Sanitation Project with Plan Canada. Read about our projects and donate safely at the Fundraising page and participate in our fundraisers by obtaining details on the Events page.

But that’s not all. Chris and I have written an award winning book called Kilimanjaro and Beyond, which chronicles my journey. Chris adds his perspective from his much younger age. Follow along as we prepare, make the climb and meet the children. Hopefully, you will be inspired to do something for yourself and others. The good news is that a portion of the proceeds will go towards our project to help the women in Tanzania.

The writing has continued with three more books, I Guess We Missed The Boat, The Vanishing Wife and A Perilous Question. More information about the books is available at www.barry-finlay.com.

Spend some time exploring the site. Get some hints on Leadership or buy an inspiring t-shirt or book a Speaking Engagement. I would love to share my inspirational story with you.

And finally, leave your feedback. If you read the blog, leave some comments. And consider helping us help the women and children in Tanzania. We have seen what it means to them and it brings chills.