About Our Projects

When Chris and I decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, we also decided we wanted to use it as a platform to raise money for the people of Tanzania. Since Chris’ first daughter was a relatively recent addition to the family, we decided the cause should be related to children.

Plan Canada stepped up with a project to build a classroom at a primary school and provide clean water to a preschool in the community of Mwanza, which is an hour’s flight from Kilimanjaro. Our fundraising has been hugely successful and the classroom and well have been completed.  My wife and I went back in 2011 to see the finished projects and the gratitude shown by the children, parents and school administrators was absolutely amazing.

We also met with some young women and youth who are starting small businesses to support their families. With the help of organizations like Plan Canada, they will be able to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty with businesses they can sustain. One told us of buying fish at the market, taking it home and cooking it for resale, another talked of buying drinks in bulk and selling them from her house. Yet another talked of buying cloth and making clothes for resale. This project works and it gives the women and youth a huge sense of self worth.

Every penny we raise goes towards our projects. Read more in the following pages and please consider helping us out. It will give you a tremendous sense of pride knowing that you have done something for someone else.

In 2014, Keep On Climbing branched out to provide funding for a domestic charity. A television program caught our eye featuring elite service dogs helping returning Vets suffering from PTSD. The 2014 Keep On Climbing golf tournament proceeds were directed to Wounded Warriors Canada to support their service dog program.