The Vanishing Wife will be available November 1 but in the meantime, you can win 1 of 3 e-copies. It’s a scavenger hunt to learn a little about the book. Follow the clues around my site and send the four words you find to me in a message on Twitter by 9 am Eastern time November 1. My Twitter name is @Karver2. A random draw will take place at that time.

Let’s get started.

In The Vanishing Wife, mild-mannered Mason Seaforth is thrown into a world that is completely unfamiliar to him when his wife Sami disappears the night of their 20th anniversary. What does Mason do for a living? Find out in the subsection of this site with the heading “About The Author.”


We are very happy to announce that $2,500 has been raised for the Sanitation Project in Tanzania through our Variety Show and subsequent donations. With federal government matching, that’s $22,500 for the project. Thank you to everyone for your generosity! Donations can still be made at

Pictures coming soon!

Up Next – 4th Annual Education for Africa Variety Show

I’m very pleased to announce that we had a very successful golf tournament to support Wounded Warriors Canada on August 22. The donations are still coming in but we have collected about $2,500 to support the elite service dog program for returning veterans suffering from PTSD. Thank you to all who came out and supported us in various ways.

Next up is our 4th Annual Education for Africa Variety Show. Proceeds go to Plan Canada in support of an international water and sanitation development project for
communities in Tanzania. The federal government is matching funds 8:1!

The Variety Show will be held at Greenfields Pub on October 19, starting at 1:30. Mark it on your calendars and check out the link for further announcements.

5-Grin Review

Check out Gayle Pace’s review on Book, Reviews, Etc.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The book will have you laughing at times until you are crying.
If you don’t or can’t travel, don’t fret.  Pick up the book and travel with Finlay and his group and have the time of your life.  It’s almost like being there in person. I loved traveling with Finlay and crew. Hope you do too.

New Review for I Guess We Missed The Boat

This is perhaps one of the most imaginative reviews I have read:

Now I have to say that if the author’s imagination roams as widely as found on page 129 then you can decide whether you want to travel with this individual! I’m sitting here wondering whether his travel companions ever had this described to them–before it became part of this book–and whether they’ve traveled together since then! Actually, traveling with somebody is always more fun in my experience. And if you can’t travel, finding a travel memoir by somebody with a great imagination and sense of humor might just be the best way for you to see some of the world… or at least the next best thing to actually being there! Check it out…” – Glenda A. Bixler, Book Reader’s Heaven

Read the whole review at:



An 11-year old’s poem

I was recently approached by 11-year old Jeremy Kitagawa at our church and he asked if he could do an interview for a poem he was writing as a school project. Of course, I was flattered and keen to find out what his poem would be like. When he sent me the result, I blushed a little, was very touched by it and amazed at the writing. I think you will see why when you read it.

Thank you, Jeremy. You make me feel good about our future!

Barry Finlay the Famous, known for his knowledge and helping the homeless,

even noted down notes for a novel, while climbing, curving, and conquering crags.

Daring and dangerous deeds they were, climbing Kilimanjaro is a careful career.

Set out sightseeing summits with his son. The genesis was gradual.

After a week they were weak. At 6000 metres, the leviathan named altitude sickness lashed at his head.

The last steps were satisfying. A day in December was when the Daredevil was born. Accountant at first, Adventurer after. Talked to on T.V. Winning wood carver he was. A stupendous scribe for the society!

Hired experts to help the homeless, accomplished amazing actions.

Some singers, a celebrity and a sorcerer helped in the struggle to protest against poverty.

An award from the queen was given gracefully to him. Eventually escaped eminence to Evelyn, his wife.

As a child, a foresight at the family farm foretold he would follow philanthropy as his future.


Mark the Dates – I am very happy to announce the dates for our events this year:

August 22 – Keep on Climbing Golf Tournament at Manderley on the Green, Ottawa. – All proceeds go to Wounded Warriors Canada to help fund elite service dogs that are trained to operate with veterans suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

October 19 – 4th Annual Education for Africa Family Variety Show at Greenfield’s Pub & Eatery - All proceeds go to Plan Canada to help fund a sanitation project in Tanzania, Africa. Proceeds are matched 8:1 by the Canadian federal government.

We hope you will mark them both on the calendar and join us.

More details will be announced soon.

Kilimanjaro and Beyond on Top List of Climbing Books

I am very happy to say that Kilimanjaro and Beyond made it to the Climb Kilimanjaro Guide list of best Climbing Books That Will Shock, Excite and Inspire You. Check out the complete list at the link.

For anyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro, this site has their own book called, COMPLETE CLIMBING KILIMANJARO GUIDE BOOK.  You can never get enough resource material if you are making the climb.